AZ Technologies Management

AZT is a firm believer that the strength of the company is in its people. The management team includes senior experienced professionals who initially honed their skills in the halls of corporate Canada. The transformation to AZTechnologies. included not just a focused thrust at the market.

Ashraf Zaghloul - President. Mr. Zaghloul is responsible for the product and software development along with the network consulting efforts at AZT. Additionally, he oversees the day to day operations of AZT. Mr. Zaghloul has extensive experience in software development, system support and network dating back to early 1980. Mr. Zaghloul has gained both technical and managerial expertise through supervisory positions in various companies. These include his position as chairman and CEO of NTG Clarity, Director, Network Services at Rogers Shared Services (1989-1993). Mr. Zaghloul is the founder of AZT and currently holds 80% ownership of the company.

Kristine Lewis - Director. Ms. Lewis holds a B.SC in Computer Science and Psychology. She has gained extensive knowledge in business through 15 years experience as President and CFO of NTG Clarity. Her previous experience includes Manager, Rogers communications. Mrs. Lewis is the co-founder of AZT and currently holds 20% ownership of the company.